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Recent Projects
  • Preliminary marketing study of the power generator industry in Mexico
  • Marketing study on private investment in power and mining in Mexico
  • Relocation analysis and site selection for a US manufacturing facility in Northeast Mexico
  • Sale of a patents technology company to a US multibillion public corporation
  • Trade finance package for a Mexican construction company
  • Trade finance package for an Aquaculture farm in Northwest Mexico
  • Introduction of a new line of organic canned seafood to the US market
  • Solar power plant Implementation & Financing
  • Alternative fuels refinery supply & financing project
  • Precious metals and fuels International Trading
  • Financial Packages for mining operations

VIDALI & ASSOCIATES, LLC is an experienced consulting organization that will help you to develop your business and achieve long lasting profitable international business relationships

Some of the services offered are:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Strategic Partnering
  • International Project packaging, implementation and supervision
  • Searching for financing: credit, venture capital and/or partners.
  • Access to  & development of International resorts & real estate
  • International Trading and cross border commerce
  • Export & Import trade finance
  • Sales & Marketing
  • International Business Coaching
  • Improving comprehension of foreign business environments, markets and culture.
  • Facilitating opportunities to meet the right people in selected foreign countries
  • Consulting on legislative and regulatory government procedures in selected foreign countries

The geographical focus of VIDALI & ASSOCIATES, LLC, with 40+ years of experience, is in the flourishing markets of the Western Hemisphere, specifically the United States, Mexico, Chile, and Central America.

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